Port City Roller Derby will keep 2014 rolling with 0ur “War Of SK8teen 12″ bout on Saturday, August 9, in Crisafulli Rink.

The Port City Sirens will take on the Kingston Derby Girls Skateful Dead team from Kingston, Canada. A war of two super powers will fight an epic rumble on the flat track. Doors will open at 5 p.m. with action beginning at 6 p.m. at Crisafulli Rink, corner of East 9th and Van Buren Streets in Oswego.

It is the next event of their first full competitive season as a Women’s Flat Track Derby Association apprentice league, a prelude to our next away bout against the Assault City Battery Brigade from Syracuse.

A portion of the proceeds for the August bout will go towards a new sound system for the yearlong schedule at Crisafulli Rink.

Advance tickets, available online or from league members, cost $10 for adults, $5 for children ages 5 to 12, with children 4 and under admitted free. Tickets can be purchased at the door but will cost $12 for adults. Attendees interested in trackside seating are encouraged to bring their own chairs.

PCRD always seeks skaters, refs and other volunteers for its adult (18 and over) and juniors (ages 10 to 17) teams, and will provide training. For more information, email portcityrd@gmail.com.

Port City Roller Derby would like to give individual shout-outs to our members who have made this league what it is. Each member has answered a few questions about themselves for you to get to know them better.

Our little recruitment girl for the 2013 season, Tata's headshot was perfect for derby marketing

Our little recruitment girl for the 2013 season, Tata’s headshot was perfect for derby marketing

Tata came from us a few seasons back when she moved back to her hometown of Oswego after playing for Roc City in the beginning of her derby career.  If you’re lucky, you’ve seen her play with both teams!

Skater Name and number: Tata Pain #20

Derby Wife: separated

Real Name: Tara Allen


Sign: Libra

Hometown: Oswego

Boring Real Life Job: Sales

Fun PCRD Jobs/Responsibilities: Training committee

When did you join PCRD and Why? I began playing derby when i lived in Rochester and fell in love with the game. When i moved back home to Oswego I fell in love with the sport all over again as well as with my new team.

Real life info you’d like to share: I have a hairless cat with no tail named Bobbi and a dog named Baby

Favorite Derby Memory: Jamming the last jam and winning by one point at the last game of the season in Rochester. It was my last game with roc city and i was voted mvp and fan favorite.

Likes: I love anything chocolate and favorite movie is Kill bill

Dislikes: i dislike people that yell at strangers over trivial things such as cell phones and coupons. I dislike retail and most people that participate in retail shopping.

Fun Fact: I cannot touch staples
Advice for new skaters/members: Be patient with yourself! The best part of this league is that you can learn at your own pace!

Favorite quote: “Who put the cookie in his mouth?” Seinfeld.

And finally, here are some kind words about Tata:

“Tata Pain always seems to be smiling and having fun with an infectious enthusiasm. Even though she’s often outsized on the track, she’s almost never outworked.” - Professor Plutonium #3.14



This is an awesome photo from Tata's time with Roc City

This is an awesome photo from Tata’s time with Roc City



Our Port City Sirens will head north this Saturday to take on the Black River Rollers in Watertown for an event excellently named Little Track of Horrors.

The game at the Watertown Municipal Arena (600 William T. Field Drive) will have a 6:10 p.m. whistle, with doors opening at 5 p.m. Tickets cost $12.

With a July 19 doubleheader at the Kingston Derby Girls in Canada, this is the last chance to see PCRD in action in the U.S. until August … so if you don’t have plans and don’t mind a short drive, we do welcome derby fans!


PCRD’s Breakwall Bombshells rode a 68-2 burst at the start of the second half on Saturday to top the Albany All-Stars 243-158 in Oswego’s Crisafulli Rink and secure the league’s 12th straight win.

The first half was a back-and-forth affair, both teams trading points and leads throughout. Plenty of fundamentally sound derby, lead jammers getting their four points and calling off the jam, solid wall-building and plenty of hard hits. The visiting All-Stars had a late burst to finish the half with a 89-80 lead.

But as often happens, the Bombshells regrouped and came charging out of the halftime locker room and turned the game around. After having no power jams in the first half, Port City took advantage of opportunities in the second half, with their surge taking the home team from a halftime deficit to a 148-91 lead in the second half’s first 10 minutes.

In a way, it mirrored the meeting between these teams in Albany, where the All-Stars constructed a 100-75 lead, only to see the Bombshells put together a big second half for a 189-161 road victory.

Albany MVPs were Ms Amerwreckya for blocker, Scarlett O’Hackya for jammer. Port City’s Sisters of No Mercy — jammer Crushed Red Pepper and blocker Insane Assilem — earned MVP honors for the home team. A fun afterparty with some entertaining (if not always expert) bowling followed at Lighthouse Lanes.

With the win, the Breakwall Bombshells go to 3-0 on the season, with the A team’s next bout set north of the border July 19 vs. the Kingston Disloyalists. PCRD’s B team, the Port City Sirens, will return to action on Saturday, traveling to Watertown to take on the Black River Rollers. Plenty of derby excitement to come!

It’s game day! The PCRD Breakwall Bombshells and Albany All-Stars are ready for their rematch!

Here’s a look at both squads you’ll expect to see when the whistle blows for “Summer Shovin’” at 6 p.m. in Crisafulli Rink:





The two teams played a thriller a few weeks ago in Albany, with the Bombshells rallying for a hard-fought 189-161 win. You can be sure both teams will be familiar with each other and on top of their game for the rematch.

Doors open at 5 p.m., and we recommend bringing your own chair to take advantage of trackside seating. Game-day tickets cost $12 at the door for adults, $5 for children ages 5 to 12, with kids 4 and under admitted free. A portion of proceeds will support Human Concerns Center — one more great reason to come out and see us!


Wolfgang Kurth photo

To say we’ve had a busy eight days would be an understatement … but an awesome eight days it’s been as well.

Last Saturday (May 31), our A team Breakwall Bombshells went on the road to face the always-tough Albany All-Stars’ A squad. They are hard to beat in the Washington Street Armory, with their strong fan support, and Albany came out early and took it to the Bombshells to build a 100-75 halftime lead.

But the Bombshells consider themselves a second-half team with good reason, rallying for an exciting 189-161 Port City win — the 11th straight victory for PCRD’s adult teams. The Sisters of No Mercy — Crushed Red Pepper and Insane Assilem — earned MVP jammer and MVP blocker honors, respectively, for the Bombshells. MVP jammer for Albany was Stef Leopard, with Sirius Trauma capturing MVP blocker for the All-Stars.


Wolfgang Kurth photo

The week since (in addition to practices) has featured events out in the community. On Friday night, several PCRD skaters volunteered to help the Oswego Little League’s 5K fundraiser. We basically directed traffic and runners and — our favorite part — offered encouragement to participants. Helping the community is in our league DNA, so we love when we’re able to help out good causes.


Poison Ivory and Tippy Two-Step volunteering.

Saturday brought our biggest fundraiser of the year, our BBQ at Lighthouse Lanes. Thanks to awesome community support, we sold out of the pulled pork option within the first hour, with the remaining chicken dinners also selling out early, well before 4. Throw in baked goods and chances to win other prizes, and we had many happy customers. We thank everybody who supported us by eating a yummy meal and especially host and sponsor Lighthouse Lanes!

From there, some of our skaters showed up at the longtime local attraction Oswego Speedway. We had a special Meet and Greet session in the afternoon at the speedway’s tiki bar to help support the “Kids on Track” program and hung around to enjoy a night of four-wheeled (as opposed to roller derby’s eight-wheeled) action!


Arthena, Jaded Glory and Lady RedKat bringing PCRD love to the Lunachicks.

Saturday night also saw three of our own — Arthena, Jaded Glory and Lady RedKat — answer a request from our friends the Finger Lakes Lunachicks to borrow some of our skaters. For newer leagues, borrowing skaters (with the blessing of opponents) is a common thing … we’ve had the help of guest skaters, we’ve played against teams with guest skaters and supplied guest skaters to fellow leagues. Roller derby is unique in this kind of sportsmanship and sisterhood. Our skaters had a great time and helped the Lunachicks secure a win!

That’s a lot of stuff for eight days, but summer is prime time for our roller derby league. In less than two weeks, we host a rematch with the Albany All-Stars in Oswego’s Crisafulli Rink on Saturday, June 21. Should be a huge game as part of a really busy few weeks … but that seems to be the way we like it.

10333446_981281911196_1709182208752506212_oAnybody up for a road trip? Our Breakwall Bombshells are bound for Albany on Saturday to take on the Albany All-Stars. The game, titled Heavy Metal Mayhem, perhaps presages the level of hitting expected from these two talented teams.

The Bombshells and the All-Stars are very competitive teams. Last year, Albany handed our league one of only two 2013 losses, 184-140 in their house, Albany’s Washington Avenue Armory. The Bombshells responded by topping the All-Stars 214-130 in our bouting home, Oswego’s Crisafulli Rink.

Albany brings a large and loud crowd to their armory, so PCRD fans traveling to cheer us on are most welcome! Doors open at 6 p.m. Saturday with a 7 p.m. whistle. Adult tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door; $4 for kids under 12 years old. The bout will have live music from Dr. Feelgood and a portion of proceeds will support the Pride Center of the Capital Region.

If you can’t make it out this Saturday, the good news is the two teams will meet again on Saturday, June 21, in the Port City’s Crisafulli Rink. Both should be awesome games, and we appreciate any support you can provide!


One of our most important and delicious fundraisers returns on Saturday, June 7, as Lighthouse Lanes in Oswego hosts our Chicken & Pulled Pork BBQ event.

An $8 ticket provides a succulent meal starring either barbecue chicken or pulled pork (a mouth-watering main course courtesy of our friends at Lighthouse Lanes) with sides and a dessert. We’ll also have a bake sale and raffles that can make your day even more awesome! The event will run from noon to 6 p.m., but pre-ordering and showing up early is recommended because this hot BBQ tends to sell out!

Ask your favorite PCRD member for tickets or email PCRDSponsorship@gmail.com. We will bring them to you if you’re in Oswego and five or more advance orders. Or come by and see us, and bowl for additional fun.

While you’re at it, find out more about our season, roller derby and about how you can volunteer to help the greatest sport on earth keep rolling.

With Port City’s Breakwall Bombshells fighting Royal City Roller Girls’ Brute Leggers for supremacy, a galactic battle climaxed with Port City claiming victory 301-212. Both teams’ packs brought hard hits to help their jammers collect as many points as possible. Jammers in this game were akin to pure energy. They displayed deft direction changes and control on their skates, zipping from the inside of the track to the outside in a flash. Fans saw seemingly effortless launches into the air to jump the apex of a corner, with jammers landing and engaging light speed. Jammers from both teams made short work of the track. A good game is a game with no injuries and high energy. Till the next chapter for these two teams.

The second game of the night saw the Port City Sirens face the Ladies Death and Derby Society’s Title Town Knockouts. The Sirens took the 242-161 victory with strong defensive walls. Throughout the game, the defense held the Knockouts’ jammer with great awareness, but the visitors fought back with the skill of their jammers. The Title Town players sure did know how to control the track, never once giving Port City a comfortable opportunity for making points. Port City held its own every step of the way. With big hits from PCRD to try and knock the Knockouts blockers out of position, some had the audience in a gasp.

With fans screaming for their favorite skater or plays, referees yelling directions and penalties while whistling, the clash of skates and bones from the skaters themselves, these two games were exciting and intense.

Don’t miss the next home game for PCRD when the Breakwall Bombshells face long-time friends and competitors the Albany All-Stars on June 21 in Oswego’s Crisafulli Rink. Before then, PCRD will travel to Albany as the same two teams clash on May 31 in the capital city’s Washington Avenue Armory. Road trip with some friends! We can’t wait to see you there.





Saturday’s Death Star Pass offers two exciting bouts, including our B team, the Port City Sirens, tussling with the Title Town Knockouts of the Ladies Death and Derby Society. While these participants will generally be skaters with less experience than those in our A team bout, Breakwall Bombshells vs. the Royal City Roller Girls Brute Leggers from Ontario, the Sirens and Knockouts will bring plenty of excitement, talent and determination into their matchup.

Doors open at 5 p.m., with whistle for the Bombshells vs. Brute Leggers at 5:30. Sirens vs. Knockouts will follow the first bout. Don’t forget a portion of proceeds helps Paws Against Oswego County, who support our furry friends in the community. You can do your part for a great cause while enjoying a great night of entertainment.

Tickets are available at the door: $12 for adults, $5 for children ages 5 to 12, kids 4 and under admitted free. Bring your own chairs to take advantage of trackside seating for a front-row view of two awesome games!

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