If you or someone you know are a girl age 10 to 17 with an interest in fun, fitness and friendship through one of the fastest-growing sports in the country, our Port City Lagoon Squad is recruiting for junior derby!

An open house and recruitment event will take place in the Oswego YMCA Armory, corner of West First and Utica streets — 6 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 5. Youngsters are encouraged to bring any parents or guardians with questions.

Our Juniors Team just finished their second season of competition this year and are continuing with practices starting this fall. Our practices, and the recruitment event itself, are geared toward all levels of skaters, from brand new beginners to experienced skaters. Even if you’ve never skated before, we’ll provide all training!

So if this sounds like fun, feel free to stop out at one of our junior recruitment events. Some of our juniors will say it’s the best decision they’ve ever made!

Check out our recruitment event at the following Facebook link:






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The Port City Sirens almost pulled off a great escape that would have made Houdini proud, but a last, fast and furious jam by a determined Arthena behind some sublime synched blocking wasn’t enough to overcome Assault City Roller Derby’s Battery Brigade, as the Syracuse-based B team held on for an exciting 166-161 victory Saturday in the OnCenter.

The two teams traded leads much of the night — the Sirens went into the half with a 100-81 advantage — until Assault City hit another gear early in the second half to zoom past Port City and posted what looked like an insurmountable lead — a 22-point advantage with just seconds remaining. But Arthena grabbed lead jammer in the final jam, and the Assault Squad jammer went to the box … but for every bit of speed and strength Arthena and teammates managed in that final frenzy, the clock eventually struck midnight to put an end to the Cinderella comeback story.

Arthena and Assault Squad sparkplug Primal N-Stynct earned MVP jammers, while Sirens co-captain Kay Boody (who played like a wrecking ball the whole night, especially in that final jam) and ACRD’s super-tough Imp earned MVP blockers.

This all sets the scene for part of the final home doubleheader on Saturday, Sept. 13, in Oswego’s Crisafulli Rink. The Sirens and Battery Brigade B teams have a rematch while the leagues’ A teams, PCRD’s Breakwall Bombshells and ACRD’s Assault Squad, will square off in what should be two thrilling games.

Our Port City Sirens have the honor of participating in a very special Saturday doubleheader hosted by Assault City Roller Derby. Titled Remembering Ruby, the event recalls the tragic loss of ACRD skater Raging Ruby, who died giving birth to her beautiful son Brody. Roller derby is a large and supportive family, and we appreciate the opportunity to be part of this important evening.

The Sirens will take part in the second game of the doubleheader, taking on Assault City’s Battery Brigade. The opening content features ACRD’s Assault Squad welcoming the Capital City Derby Dolls’ Dolly Rogers.

Taking place in Syracuse’s OnCenter, the event’s doors open at 4 p.m. for a 5 p.m. whistle. The Sirens-Battery Brigade matchup also serves as a bit of a prelude to our season-ending home doubleheader, Sept. 13 in Crisafulli Rink, vs. both of ACRD’s teams.

Remembering Ruby honors an amazing skater gone too soon with some awesome action that can’t get here soon enough!

Port City Roller Derby was nominated for the ice bucket challenge by Assault City Roller Derby to raise awareness for ALS. Port City now nominates: Roc City Roller Derby, Port City Junior Rollers and, Kingston Derby Girls. You have 24 hours to complete your challenge!

Also don’t forget to check out the Port City Sirens as they take on Assault City’s Battery Brigade in Syracuse on Saturday August 16!

Saturday night’s alright for an international showdown between the Port City Sirens and the Kingston Derby Girls’ Skateful Dead! Here’s a sneak peek at the players in the War of Sk8teen12!



sk8insideback.inddWill the Port City Sirens avenge a loss to Kingston’s Rogue Warriors (which snapped the PCRD adult league’s remarkable 413-day undefeated run) by topping the traveling Skateful Dead? Or will the Kingston Derby Girls show they have the Sirens’ number?

Doors open at 5 p.m. with a 6 p.m. whistle. Need another good reason to make it to the game (as if roller derby isn’t reason enough) at Crisafulli Rink? A portion of the event’s proceeds will benefit the local Buc Boosters, who support youth and community sports opportunities in Oswego. It’s also your second-to-last opportunity to see PCRD at home this season, before a colossal double-header vs. Assault City Roller Derby on Sept. 13. It’s also a great time to buy some of our beautiful new merch to support roller derby in the community!


Port City Roller Derby Merchandise!

Want to dress like a roller girl? Support your local non-for-profit team?

We now have a new selection of  merchandise available for sale! Check out the new swag at our merch table during one of our upcoming bouts!


New colored tank tops of many different sizes. Cool off this summer in style in support of your local roller derby league.

Kujo wearing the very popular lime green tank top

Arthena wearing one of our black tank tops

Tata wearing a navy sweatshirt and sweatpants

For the colder nights on into the fall and winter seasons, our line of sweatpants, hoodies and long-sleeve shirts are the biggest sellers!  Also available in team colors and logos.

The new faded t-shirts are comfortable in the blue color they come in. Light enough fabric for summer yet cover enough to protect from the winter. A true all year round team shirt.

Abbie Cadaver loves the new t-shirts

More merch to come, stay tuned and support your local roller derby team — our next home game is this Saturday! Help us help the community.

Port City is proud to show off the new threads and we hope to see you at our next bout!

Port City is proud to show off the new threads

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 8.52.47 AM

Image courtesy of ©SLINGSHOT photography / Steve Latter

When Port City Roller Derby’s Breakwall Bombshells rallied in the final jam to top Enchanted Mountain Roller Derby’s Hellbilly Heartbreakers on the road 237-234 on June 1, 2013, little did anybody realize the streak they had begun. It would take 14 games and 413 days until July 19, 2014, when the Port City Sirens dropped the second game of a doubleheader, until any of PCRD’s adult leagues would lose a matchup.

A lot happens in 13 months and 18 days in the derby world: We’ve seen countless skaters join, level up and make their playing debuts; one of our founding members, Abbie Cadaver, gave birth to her daughter Maya and returned to action; and a few leagues formed and folded in Upstate New York.

We also should add that Port City’s A team, the Breakwall Bombshells, still hasn’t lost since falling to the tough Roc City B Sides on May 25, 2013, as the victory over the Hellbilly Heartbreakers started an ongoing 10-game win streak that included a win in that July doubleheader’s opening game.

PCRD has won in various parts of New York and Canada, by single digits and triple digits. Won slugfests, won high-scoring thrillers, won with strength and speed and skill and smarts over plenty of good competition. But along the way, the league has not been satisfied, continuing to practice hard and long to prepare for the next opponent.

Speaking of the next opponent, the upcoming home bout on Saturday, Aug. 9, could close a loop. The Port City Sirens’ recent loss came to the Kingston Derby Girls’ Rogue Warriors. Saturday’s opponent, the opportunity to start a new winning streak, comes from that very same league: Kingston’s travel B team, the Skateful Dead.

That adds plenty of intrigue to the international showdown, titled War of Sk8teen12, with doors opening at 5 p.m. for the 6 p.m. bout. Advance tickets are available online or from league members at $10 for adults, $5 for children ages 5 to 12. Kids 4 and under are admitted free. Adult tickets are also available for $12 at the door. We invite you to bring chairs to take advantage of trackside seating.

As an added reason, a portion of proceeds will support the local scholastic Buc Boosters drive to support competition in our community.

Will a new win streak begin? Come on out and see!

Port City Roller Derby will keep 2014 rolling with 0ur “War Of SK8teen 12″ bout on Saturday, August 9, in Crisafulli Rink.

The Port City Sirens will take on the Kingston Derby Girls Skateful Dead team from Kingston, Canada. A war of two super powers will fight an epic rumble on the flat track. Doors will open at 5 p.m. with action beginning at 6 p.m. at Crisafulli Rink, corner of East 9th and Van Buren Streets in Oswego.

It is the next event of their first full competitive season as a Women’s Flat Track Derby Association apprentice league, a prelude to our next away bout against the Assault City Battery Brigade from Syracuse.

A portion of the proceeds for the August bout will go towards a new sound system for the yearlong schedule at Crisafulli Rink.

Advance tickets, available online or from league members, cost $10 for adults, $5 for children ages 5 to 12, with children 4 and under admitted free. Tickets can be purchased at the door but will cost $12 for adults. Attendees interested in trackside seating are encouraged to bring their own chairs.

PCRD always seeks skaters, refs and other volunteers for its adult (18 and over) and juniors (ages 10 to 17) teams, and will provide training. For more information, email portcityrd@gmail.com.

Port City Roller Derby would like to give individual shout-outs to our members who have made this league what it is. Each member has answered a few questions about themselves for you to get to know them better.

Our little recruitment girl for the 2013 season, Tata's headshot was perfect for derby marketing

Our little recruitment girl for the 2013 season, Tata’s headshot was perfect for derby marketing

Tata came from us a few seasons back when she moved back to her hometown of Oswego after playing for Roc City in the beginning of her derby career.  If you’re lucky, you’ve seen her play with both teams!

Skater Name and number: Tata Pain #20

Derby Wife: separated

Real Name: Tara Allen


Sign: Libra

Hometown: Oswego

Boring Real Life Job: Sales

Fun PCRD Jobs/Responsibilities: Training committee

When did you join PCRD and Why? I began playing derby when i lived in Rochester and fell in love with the game. When i moved back home to Oswego I fell in love with the sport all over again as well as with my new team.

Real life info you’d like to share: I have a hairless cat with no tail named Bobbi and a dog named Baby

Favorite Derby Memory: Jamming the last jam and winning by one point at the last game of the season in Rochester. It was my last game with roc city and i was voted mvp and fan favorite.

Likes: I love anything chocolate and favorite movie is Kill bill

Dislikes: i dislike people that yell at strangers over trivial things such as cell phones and coupons. I dislike retail and most people that participate in retail shopping.

Fun Fact: I cannot touch staples
Advice for new skaters/members: Be patient with yourself! The best part of this league is that you can learn at your own pace!

Favorite quote: “Who put the cookie in his mouth?” Seinfeld.

And finally, here are some kind words about Tata:

“Tata Pain always seems to be smiling and having fun with an infectious enthusiasm. Even though she’s often outsized on the track, she’s almost never outworked.” - Professor Plutonium #3.14



This is an awesome photo from Tata's time with Roc City

This is an awesome photo from Tata’s time with Roc City



Our Port City Sirens will head north this Saturday to take on the Black River Rollers in Watertown for an event excellently named Little Track of Horrors.

The game at the Watertown Municipal Arena (600 William T. Field Drive) will have a 6:10 p.m. whistle, with doors opening at 5 p.m. Tickets cost $12.

With a July 19 doubleheader at the Kingston Derby Girls in Canada, this is the last chance to see PCRD in action in the U.S. until August … so if you don’t have plans and don’t mind a short drive, we do welcome derby fans!

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